Easy language about dotsvarm

Here you will find information in easy language.

On this website you will find important information in plain language. Many people understand easy language better.

The font is large. Difficult words are explained. Easy language is an additional offer.

Everybody should understand the offers of dotsvarm. That is why we have made this website in easy language.

The name of the company is dotsvarm. The business field is the creation of websites and webshops.

A webshop offers the possibility to buy things on the internet.

We use the technologies TYPO3 and Magento.

TYPO3 is a system that helps to create and manage websites.

Magento is one of the technologies used to create webshops.

We as a company will support you from the first idea to the final implementation.

How does this website work?

The website is called "dotsvarm.com".

Here you can see what the company dotsvarm does.

With this you can get to the different parts of the website. The navigation is located at the top of the website.

dotsvarm logo
A click on it leads to the start page.

With this you can switch the website to german texts.

Additional menu accessibility
This is where the website can be displayed in various configurations to make it accessible to everyone.

  • Reset
    Use this to undo all adjustments.
  • Font size
    By clicking on "Plus" or "Minus" you make the font larger or smaller.
  • Letter spacing
    By clicking on "Plus" or "Minus" you make the letter spacing larger or smaller.
  • Font type
    Here you can choose either the font "Montserrat" or "Open Sans".
  • Contrast
    Here you can set the contrast. The following selections are available.
    • High contrast
      Use this to increase the contrast.
    • Invert
      Inverts the contrast.
    • Monochrome
      This sets everything to black and white.
    • Standard Mode
      Use this to return the contrast to the initial display.

  • Other functions
    Additional features to increase accessibility.
    • Big cursor
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    • Highlighted
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    • Hide images
      Hides all images.

  • Further information on the subject of accessibility
    Here you will find more links to sites that provide information on accessibility.
    • More about accessibility
      Leads to a page with more information about accessibility.
    • Easy language
      Link leads to this page with information in plain language.

Main menu
Here you can access the individual sections of the website.


  • Home
    On the home page you will find the most important information about dotsvarm.
  • Method
    Under method we explain how we work.
  • Skills
    Under skills you will find an overview of projects and technologies.


The area at the bottom of the web page.


By clicking you come to the imprint. Here you can see who is responsible for the website.

Data protection

Clicking will take you to information on data protection. There you will find information about what data we use. And we explain what rights you have with regard to data protection.

To the right of it is the address of the company.

On the far right is the email address and phone number at which dotsvarm can be reached.

As well as links to dotsvarm's social media pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Instagram.

On the social media pages, you can contact dotsvarm directly.