European Accessibility Act in e-commerce simply explained - What does it mean for you?

Accessibility is on everyone's lips right now, as the European Accessibility Act will soon have to be adopted into law in all European member states.  

Then there is only until 2025 to implement the requirements. 

It should be noted that only small businesses with fewer than 10 employees or less than 2 million in annual sales are exempt. Otherwise, all e-commerce providers are obliged to meet the new requirements. Nothing is known yet about any penalties, but this can of course still change. Follow us on one of our channels and do not miss any news on this topic. 

If in doubt, we recommend seeking independent legal advice, as we are unfortunately unable to provide legally binding information in this regard. 

However, we can make your e-business accessible, even with final independent certification.  

The first step is to send us an e-mail and we will support you actively.   


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