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Development as a Service

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2 - 20 hours

€ 90 h
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Regular support
Importing of updates
Content maintenance


more than 200 hours

€ 70 h
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Connections to external systems
Individual development


2 - 20 hours

€ 100 h
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One time support
Importing of updates
Content maintenance


more than 200 hours

€ 80 h
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Connections to external systems
Individual development
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Provision of development teams

dotsvarm is a digital solutions integrator. We conceptualize, develop and support digital ecosystems to provide you with the best possible experience in the ever-evolving digital world. Depending on the scope, we can offer specialists worldwide in a dedicated project swarm and provide performance as easily as possible.

Appropriate support at any time

With our expert swarm, you always have the right resources at your disposal. This allows you to act at any time on the cutting edge of technology and also gives you the opportunity to continuously implement sales-promoting actions. Do not hesitate and always be one step ahead of your competitors with our support.

German outsourcing company

Outsourcing development services without headaches. You are concerned that it may take too long to implement your project due to language and cultural differences with foreign companies. You also miss the certainty of German laws and regulations. The easiest solution ist then to just work with us, a German web agency.


What is dotsvarm-Development™?

This delivers the benefits of a full service digital agency coupled with the flexibility of freelancers. This includes being able to provide you with the right resource at any time.


Even for complex projects, we can work with short lead times.

What is the dotsvarm-Double-Check™?

This is part of the dotsvarm service concept - all developed services are put through their paces a 2nd time before being rolled out!

What is the dotsvarm-Happiness-Promise™?

If our estimates for individual tasks (i.e. up to an individual effort of 4 hours) are not finished with 100% of the estimated time, we will give up to 200% of the agreed time.

What does it mean to have a fixed development team?

We ensure that a permanent development team is specifically responsible for your project. This gives you the advantage that they are already completely integrated into your project.

How does "development as a service" differ from outsourcing and near-shoring?

With dotsvarm GmbH you have a reliable German development agency and contact person. Therefore, cultural and language barriers, among others, are eliminated for you.

How does the booking work?

You choose the package you want and then click on "Book Now", then your email program will open and you write us how we can support you. We will then contact you immediately.

Do I need a credit card to make the booking?

No, you pay by bank transfer.

When do I pay for my booking?

It depends:


For monthly contracts, we charge you 100% of the hours before we start development.


For service contracts, we charge you 50% of the first month at the beginning, and monthly thereafter.


If you want to pay once a year in advance, we will give you an additional discount of 3%, and for quarterly billing you will get 1% discount.

How long are term contracts?

A term contract has a term of 24 months.

What is the notice period for term contracts?

These have a notice period of 3 months to the end of the contract, otherwise the contract is extended by another 24 months.

My question does not appear here?

Write us an email with your question and we will answer it as soon as possible. Write your mail to: