Accessibility what exactly is meant by this?

Accessibility on the Internet means that everyone should have undisturbed and complete access to the information offered. It does not matter whether the person could be hindered by physical disabilities or other limitations, due to age or social circumstances. It contains thereby likewise the technical accessibility. The term accessibility, which originally comes from housing construction, means making facilities accessible without outside help, and this is exactly how it applies to the Internet.


Disabled people in particular are often found on the Internet, which means that a not insignificant proportion of users would be deprived of the service. This is not only an additional burden for the excluded people, but also as an operator you give away valuable potential.


On the Internet, there are still some barriers that make it impossible for people with disabilities to see the content. For example, a plugin that displays text in Braille may not work. Or the color scheme and design of the website may cause problems.


Another point is not to exclude socially disadvantaged people, so it is important that the website must also be accessible with inexpensive equipment. The download speed must not play a role, just like the technical devices with which the access takes place.


A section with easy language makes the information understandable even for people with a cognitive impairment. Also, for people who are just learning the language, an area with easy-to-understand texts is a great help.


We as dotsarm GmbH would like to contribute with our offer that the barrier-free internet becomes reality. Because only if we all have the possibilities to access to this information and tools, we will all benefit from it.